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Hey NEW Mama!

Are You Tired of Feeling Alone in Your New Endeavor, Out of Balance Emotionally, & Downright Exhausted?

Are you tired of all the advice and judgmental remarks your getting from family and friends about what to do for yourself and your baby? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the Facebook supports groups that are not giving you the actual support and advice that you need? And instead are making you feel guilty and ashamed that you are not making the right decisions as a new mom.  

Are You finding it hard to cope with everything that you are going through emotionally and physically? Are you feeling irritable, resentful, and even angry with your circumstances? Has this life changing experience caused you to lose your sense of self, question your sanity, and your identity?

Do you find yourself yearning for adult interaction that is nonjudgmental, overbearing, or pushy? Are you instead looking for some warming motherhood wisdom, a shoulder to cry on, and a person you can trust with your deepest emotions?

Are you looking for SUPPORT FOR YOURSELF on this journey? Support that doesn’t just focus on your baby’s poop or feeding schedule but instead focuses solely on YOU and YOU’R LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE?

If This is YOU, Then You Are in The Right Place!  And I Am So Grateful That You Are Here!

This wonderful space right here was created just for YOU and YOU ALONE! Here at The Unfamiliar Mom we focus solely on New Moms just like you! Our mission is to assist all new mothers on their journey into motherhood! We’re here to make your transition into motherhood as smooth and successful as possible and that starts with YOU, the MOM!

We understand how difficult this transition can be and that you are looking for some personalized support that can help guide you through your unique situation! We know that you want to love your life as a new mom! We know that you want to embrace this new role with excitement and wonder! And we know that you want to be the best version of yourself for your baby! And


My name is Danielle Kottis founder of The Unfamiliar Mom Academy and the New Mom Magic program! I have created this safe and supportive space for new moms because I suffered immensely during my transition into motherhood. If I would have had the guidance and support that the Unfamiliar Mom Academy has for you I would have flourished and enjoyed motherhood a lot earlier than I did.


I am here along with millions of other moms to love and support you through your transition.

My goal is for you to go from OVERWHELMED to EMPOWERED as quickly as you can. And that starts with focusing on YOU and helping your grow into the mother goddess that you are!


New Mom Magic Program

How to go from Overwhlemed to Empowered in less than 90 days!!

Meet Danielle

Your New Mom Coach Expert!

She Coaches overstressed new moms how to smoothly and successfully transition into motherhood!

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