Pregnancy Magic

with Danielle Kottis


Are You Excited About Your First Baby But..

Nervous about labor and child birth?

Scared about becoming a mother for the first time?

Emotionally overwhelmed and drained?

Tired and Irritable?

Unprepared and uneducated in all things motherhood?


Do you wonder…

How labor and delivery is going to be?

If you will bond with your baby?

If you will be successful at breastfeeding?

If you will still be this emotional after giving birth?


Do You Keep Thinking..

What you are going to need?

Will you have everything ready in time?

Am I mentally prepared to be a mom?

Will being a mom be as “magical” as everyone says?

Will I be a good mom?


I understand your fears, worries, and concerns. I’ve been there. I was you.

I know how difficult is can be being pregnant for the first time. I understand that your emotions are running high and that you are unsure of what the future will hold. I get that becoming a mom is scary and you are wondering if your life will ever be the same. I have felt your anxiety about breastfeeding, bonding, taking care of an infant, and whether or not you will ever work again. I understand your fear about giving birth and the pressure you feel to have a natural birth.

I know what is it like to prepare your nursery, your registry, and your house but to feel so unprepared at the same time. I know how intense the worry of being a good mom is. The thoughts you have about possibly not being good at this whole mom thing. I have felt your concerns about whether or not you will have enough family support, child care support, and finances to give your child the best life.

I have felt the anxiety you already have about being the “perfect mother”. This pressure you feel to love being pregnant, to eat healthy, to do everything “naturally”, to go back to work straight away, or to chose to stay home indefinitely. I know that you find yourself crying a lot because you are so worried about how you are going to do all of this. That your life was so perfect and you are unsure if you will ever be able to do what you love again.

I have felt these “out of control” feelings. I have felt this intense fear, joy, excitement, and sadness. I know you wonder if you are the only one that feels this way.


Now imagine for a moment what your life would be like if all of these fears, worries, and concerns just magically disappeared.


  • Imagine a world where you feel calm, confident and prepared to be a new mom. A world where you feel more grounded, centered, and conscious during your most vulnerable moments. See yourself managing and understanding your stress and emotions. Experience the gratitude that you have for your life and your unborn baby.
  • Imagine sleeping better at night and quieting that negative mind chatter. Feel the increase in energy throughout your day and feelings of excitement and anticipation you have about your new baby. Think about how refreshed and rejuvenated you feel after a good night’s rest.
  • Imagine connecting and bonding with your growing baby. See yourself experiencing joy, love, and peace as you truly intertwin with your little one. Envision your hands on your belly and feel the aura of bliss and comfort knowing that you already are an amazing mother and you already have a magical relationship with your baby.
  • Imagine gaining the education, tools, and resources that will prepare you for what you are about to experience. See yourself fully prepared mentally, physical, and spiritually. Envision yourself knowledgeable about labor, delivery, baby products, infant care, and your postpartum period. Feel how empowering it is to have this information.
  • Imagine being fully supported from your family, friends, and community. Feel how at ease you are about child care, finances, and physical/mental support. Just knowing where your support is and will be coming from is a very secure feeling.
  • Imagine developing your maternal instinct power and how empowering it feels to trust yourself and your intuition. Envision yourself letting go of high expectations, unneeded pressures, and negative thoughts. Visualize you thoughts being positive, clear, and confident.
  • Imagine giving yourself the care and support you need and deserve. Envision what your life would be like if you could eliminate all of your pregnancy struggles… it would be magical!


Introducing Pregnancy Magic

A 12 week 1:1 personalized coaching program that empowers you (newly expectant mother) with the knowledge and ability to prepare you for your journey into motherhood and to embrace your unique situation.

Together we will take inventory of your life right now and see what is not working for your highest good and take the steps to change it.  I will help you get clear about how you want your pregnancy and motherhood journey to look and feel like. And together we will decide what you need tools and knowledge you want and need to help you better prepare you for your transition into motherhood TODAY!


  • Together we’ll devise a plan that will allow you to be more supported and prepared for motherhood
  • How to connect and bond with your baby in-utero
  • How to mentally prepare for your baby’s arrival and your postpartum period
  • How to create a birth plan and recruit the necessary support for your ideal labor and delivery
  • Coping Strategies to help you deal with your overwhelming stress and emotions.
  • Daily practices that will allow you to cultivate calm and peace within
  • What the most practical and useful baby registry items are
  • How to work on your triggers that stem from your childhood such as anger, aggression, anxiety, depression, victimhood, helplessness, unworthiness.
  • How your mindset during pregnancy can set you up for success postpartum
  • What you need to prepare for breastfeeding and how you can recruit breastfeeding support
  • How to start recruiting the right support from your family, friends, and community.



  • Be more calm, confident, and prepared for your transition into motherhood
  • Be empowered with knowledge and ready to tackle motherhood
  • Have a strong connection and bond to yourself and your baby
  • Be ready to bring your little bundle of joy home for the first time
  • Know who and where your support system is coming from
  • Have a birth plan and the support system you need for your labor and delivery
  • Be more in control of your emotions and have the tools to manage your triggers
  • Know what baby items are essential and where to find them
  • Have a postpartum plan for the first 3 months of your little ones life
  • Be fully prepared to breastfeed and know where to get lactation support from
  • Know how to use the law of attraction and gratitude to create the motherhood life of your dreams
You will Transform your life as a pregnant mom and transition into your new role with confidence and ease!

Are you ready to say 'YES' to Pregnancy Magic and turn around your pregnancy experience and prepare for motherhood!

Hello! I am Danielle Kottis and I will help you transform flawlessly into the mother you always envisioned yourself to be and better!

I entered into motherhood just like many new moms do, unfamiliar, unprepared, and scared. Several things that could go wrong for a newly expectant mom went wrong for me. I had prenatal depression and anxiety, had horrible acid reflux/heart burn, and had a rare complication called symphysis pubis diastasis that made it difficult to walk. I was simply miserable. I hated the way I looked, I hated the way I felt, and I fear everything about my future as a mom motherhood.

From the get go, my emotions were extremely overwhelming; I had never experienced this before. It seemed like I cried over everything and that I was tired and irritable all the time. I was pissed that my life was already being “taken” from me by a child who wasn’t even born yet. I couldn’t eat what I wanted, I couldn’t control my emotions, I couldn’t sleep well at night and I certainly couldn’t drink alcohol if I wanted. To me this was such an out of control feeling.

As my pregnancy continued my emotional state began to take a dive. I was losing my temper, having panic attacks, and crying in deep despair. In hind sight, I should have known that this level of emotion was unhealthy and need professional help. But how was I to know that, I was a new mom and just assumed that this was a normal part of pregnancy (but it wasn’t). I feared everything that had to do with the postpartum period.

The fear surrounding breastfeeding, bonding, and postpartum depression was crippling. I worried that I wouldn’t bond with my baby, that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed, and that I would end up with postpartum depression. My mind raced at night around who would help watch my son, would I be able to go back to work or school, did we have the finances for a baby, and would I ever be able to do anything ever again in my life.

It occurred to me that my life would never be the same and that thought consumed me. I started to believe that I would never do anything again in my life. That I would amount to nothing. I was in between jobs and deciding if I should go back to school. I thought: How could I go back to work with a baby, what would I do, would I make enough money to afford child care? I couldn’t go back to school, who would watch him and how would I do my homework? These thoughts of losing my identity, my job, and having to stay home overwhelmed my brain.

My emotions got even more intense when I would think about going out with my friends or having date night with my husband. All of this was going to go away. All these things I loved to do were about to be stripped from my life and it was all too much to bare. How was I going to be me? How was I going to pursue my hope and dreams a baby. I had minimal support I could count on, minimal finances, and no real plan for the future. In my mind I was doomed.

My husband truly thought that I was going crazy. He would come home and find me crying on the floor hysterical about how I wasn’t cut out for being a mom. I would tell him that I wasn’t going to be a good enough mother and that my child would probably be better off without me. If I couldn’t control my emotions now how was I going to be able to do that when he arrives.

Due to my crazy thought processes and negative thinking I felt like I was going nuts! It didn’t help that everything I was eating caused me to have unbearable acid reflux and heartburn. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. It felt like nothing I did would relieve the pain. In addition to the reflux I developed this rare complication called symphysis pubis diastasis which on 25% of the population gets and this basically made my pubic bone separate. The pain was excruciating! I couldn’t do the most basic movements like: getting in or out of the car, getting off the couch, getting into or out bed, rolling over in bed, and walk normally. Every move I made would cause this immense pain in my pelvis and hips that would lead me to scream and then cry in pain. The last month of my pregnancy I could barely walk.

I was seriously at my wits end with all of this craziness. I had gained almost 40lbs, couldn’t walk, had the worst heart burn, couldn’t move, couldn’t stop crying and just hated myself at this point. I kept thinking why would anyone want to be pregnant. This is the hardest thing I have ever experienced and the baby wasn’t even here yet.

Fast forward to my labor and delivery. I so badly wanted a natural labor. I wanted to going into labor at home and deliver naturally at the hospital; no drugs no epidural. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. My water broke at home and I DID NOT go into labor. This was an emergency and I had to go to the hospital.

I was put on antibiotics and induced immediately. The pain went from 0-100 in like 20 min; it was so intense so fast (unlike natural labor). Shortly after being induced, I took 2 doses of drugs in hopes that I could get some rest but that didn’t happen I still felt the pain. Eventually the pain was so severe I called for an epidural. I was so pissed at myself for not being able to do it naturally. My birth plan was totally falling apart.

I didn’t dilate, I had to get the Pitocin AGAIN , started dilating and then it was time to deliver! When the medicine wore off I suddenly realized why everyone kept telling me to rest. I had been so consumed with anxiety, depression, and physical pain my whole pregnancy that I forgot one major thing… I had to push this baby at of me!

Eventually I pushed my healthy little angel out and all of the fun began.


My Postpartum Period 

Every single thing that could go wrong for a new mom happened to me. I had postpartum depression and anxiety, I failed at breastfeeding, I didn’t bond with my son, I was going crazy from sleep deprivation, I resented everyone, had no mom friends, and was completely overwhelmed.

I was miserable the first 8 months after giving birth. A part of me was so happy and proud to have a son, but a large part was extremely depressed about my circumstances. I hated every mom who didn’t warn me or school me on what exactly was going to happen postpartum. I hated the fact that there was zero support from friends, family and the community helping new moms survive and thrive. I didn’t understand why we were just left to fend for ourselves. There weren’t any classes or programs I could take to seek knowledge or education. And there weren’t any seasoned moms to seek advice from that I had direct access to. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and I felt so alone, unsupported, and downright angry.

To make matters worse I was between jobs and never really established my “career” after college. I didn’t have a 9-5 job to go back to (although I wished I did) where I could escape my chaotic life and eat with 2 hands. I was personally broke and had to rely on my husband who worked long hours 6 days a week to keep us financially afloat.  We couldn’t afford daycare even if I found a career in the next few months.

Officially, I became a stay at home mom and hated almost every single thing about it. I hated feeling lonely and isolated. Sleeping was scarce, I was irritable, testy, and nasty at some points. There was absolutely no time for myself, nothing ever got done around the house, and I just felt like such a waste of life. In my mind I thought I would never amount to anything ever again as long as I had a child. I felt like a complete and utter failure at life and at being a mom. I honestly hated my life.  Something had to change. I had to change if not for my own peace of mind but for my son.

For the past 6 years, I have worked part time as a Health Coach/Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. My guidance lead hundreds of clients to lose weight, become healthier, reach their goals, and transform their lives. I realized that if I could transform their lives through health coaching maybe just maybe I could transform my own life through “mom coaching”. I set myself on a mission to stop sulking in my own self misery and transform my life into one I loved.

Through an immense amount of research, education, and trial and error I was able to completely transform my life. I rid myself of Postpartum Anxiety and Depression and became a happy and joyful mom! My relationship with my husband became stronger, our sex life is awesome, and we communicate even better than we ever did before. I can actually finish a to-do list, have more time for myself during the day, and have a clean/organized house.

My relationship with my son went from never wanting to hold him and seeing him as a nuisance to constantly hugging, kissing, and snuggling him. Relationships with my friends and family went from nonexistent to an influx of endless love and support. I went back to work part time, found the childcare help I needed, and began to feel more accomplished. My life has transformed so much that it has lead me to share my knowledge and experience with as many new moms as possible.

Why I Do What I Do?

My dream is for YOU and all new mothers to experience pregnancy and motherhood as it should be, A MAGICAL JOURNEY. My goal is for YOU to be supported, educated, and prepared for motherhood and avoid all of the hardships that myself and other moms have gone through.  I want you to set yourself up for success postpartum, to develop your sense of self, to be knowledgeable about the postpartum period, and to bond with yourself and your baby now! My goal is for your transition into motherhood to be a smooth and effortless as possible.

I do this because you deserve to have love and support during your pregnancy. Because everything you say and do during your pregnancy can lead to a successful postpartum journey! You deserve to feel calm, confident, and prepared to take your baby home! You are worthy of motherhood wisdom, knowledge, and tips and tricks that can make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

I do this because, I want you to experience this wonderful world of motherhood as it should be. I want you to be happy, successful, and full of wonder. To feel confident, beautiful, and in control of your own life. I want you to use my easy step-by-step process instead of wasting your time going around in circles like I did. I want you to be the best version of yourself so you can be the best mom for your children. I do this so that you can have a happier life and your children can thrive because of it!

My goal is to have your child learn everything they need to know about life from you! They will learn to love themselves, feel worthy of abundance and success, and be able to handle any situation in life if you are able to do the same for yourself! Their happiness and success in life stems from you having love and success in your own life! The more you act consciously and the more you pursue your hopes and dreams, the more your child will learn to do the same.

Why I LOVE What I Do:

I love coaching other moms because it empowers them with the ability to live the life they want and to be the person they want to be. It gives me so much happiness and joy to see the major transformations they go through and to know they will be able to handle anything that comes their way. Taking care of new moms is my passion because they are the most important people on Earth! Without strong, successful, loving, and understanding moms this new generation of children will not grow up to be strong successful loving and understanding people.

Coaching new moms to enjoy life is ultimately setting up this next generation of children to enjoy their lives!

Are you ready to join me and transform your life and prepare for motherhood, mama?

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How do I get started?

Click ‘book your free call with me now’ and schedule a date and time that works best for you. I will give you a call at that time and together we will go over what struggles you are facing and set up a customized plan of action to overcome these obstacles and create the life you desire. If we decide to work together, I will send you an invoice that day and we will begin our 1:1 coaching in the next 2 days.

Is this program for me?

This program is for Expectant first-time moms who struggling with their emotional state during pregnancy and worried about their transition into motherhood. Some examples would be pregnant moms who are confused, overwhelmed, feel unsupported, feel unprepared for labor, delivery, and their postpartum period. Moms who aren’t loving their pregnancy and struggling with overwhelming negative thoughts about the future. If you are worried about bonding, breastfeeding, child birth, your identity, or postpartum depression than this program is for you!  

If I have more questions about whether this program is for me or not how can I contact you?

Email me at [email protected] or book a call with me and we can discuss more about your situation and what exactly you are looking to achieve through 1:1 coaching. Feel free to also DM me on FB or Instagram; The Unfamiliar Mom


If you are reading this right now -


I am the caring, empathic, loving support you are looking for! Together we can transform you into the mother and person you want to be. You need to change your life right now, today, not tomorrow or next week or next year. Let me emphasize why.

If you stay where you are right now unhappy, stressed out, overwhelmed, feeling inadequate, harboring resentment, feeling frustrated, and angry there will be consequences for yourself and your family. These consequences and outcomes may not surface right away but when they do it will not be what you expected.



Our children mirror us and our actions. They learn from us from the second they are conceived in our womb. They learn our thought processes, our coping strategies, how we interact with others, and how we treat ourselves, our partners, and them (our children).

What this means is if you are angry and short tempered all the time, your child will be angry and short tempered which will cause them to have horrible tantrums, negative coping strategies, and behavioral issues. If you do not bond well with your child or you are cold and uncaring, your child may become avoidant, depressed, or have severe psychological problems. If you are unhappy in your life or relationships, your child will begin to believe that it’s ok to be unhappy with their lives and relationships.

The damage you can cause your child from not transforming your life can be devastating to you and your family. You do not want to be the cause of your child’s unhappy relationship with you or themselves.



You got married or are in a serious relationship and decided to have a baby together. You did this because you were both in a great state of love and happiness and thought that this child would bring you even more love and happiness. What you didn’t expect was how much the dynamics of the relationship would change. You didn’t foresee the arguments you would have, the loss of intimacy, and even resentment toward each other.

What you don’t want is any of this animosity toward each other to grow. You do not want your arguments to get worse or your ungratefulness toward each other to increase. You don’t want to get to the point where you cannot stand your partner so much that you don’t want him to touch you at all. You don’t want to just coexist with each other or to end up separating because you can’t find anything you like about them anymore.

Make this step now to save your relationship.


Change your life for your own health and well-being!  Work with me so that you don’t have to suffer with chronic insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Start taking the steps to higher self-esteem and self-confidence today and avoid a lifetime of self-deprecating thoughts and unhappiness. Begin this journey with me so that you do not have to spend the next 18 years trying to figure out why life has passed you by. Hold on to your identity, believe in yourself and work with me to get the support and direction you deserve!

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